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The film is typically applied to the surfaces of vehicles to protect the paint from debris. Clear bras have a top layer made from polyurethane or urethane to heal from minor scratches in daily driving situations. It makes it easier for the film to wrap and stretch around irregular shapes or on different contours of vehicles. PPF for the car is good at repelling the dirt and grime away from the vehicle’s surface. While you are on the road, it repels the dust and mud that sticks to the car as it drives. The repelling technology saves a lot of time and money when getting it for your vehicle in the regular car wash.

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PPF installation is typically taking more time than a vinyl wrap installation. Because liquid solutions are used during installation, we need some extra time to make sure everything is dried properly, and the film has fully cured. Read more about Lackschutzfolierung here. For that reason we typically budget about about 2 days for a partial PPF wrap, and 4-7 days for a full PPF wrap. You are no longer limited to transparent clear Paint Protection Films.

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Spread it across the surface with a dry cloth, and let the sealant dry for 5 minutes. Remember that most of the sealant will disappear after washing your car, so you should reapply it after each wash for the best results. If a car already has PPF and you want to replace it, you’ll have to learn how to remove paint protection film first.

Preparation Before Applying the Paint Protection Film

Eventually, high-end car owners and detailing shops began to buy more of these pricey film coatings, as their protective benefits and projected longevity indeed lived up to the hype. Vehicle finishes and paint products differ; so, too, does PPF when it comes to design, quality, and durability. Applying the wrong type of film may lead to a shorter time of protection or inadequate protection from the elements. A highly-skilled, professional installer definitely helps extend the film’s lifespan and guarantees optimal paint protection. Opting for a cheap installation could lead to a poor application and means you need to reinstall it sooner than expected. When it comes to automotive paint protection, clear bra is the way to go. It not only safeguards your car’s paint from scratches and chemical damage (e.g. Magnesium Chloride), but also provides self-healing properties that make light scratches disappear.

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The film is an excellent solution for protecting your car’s exterior from debris, dirt, and scratches that can cause damage over time. Swirl marks and light scratches can have a significant impact on the value of your car.